Global Kiteboarding Equipment is Expected To Reach USD 515 Million by 2022 Owing to Rise in Popularity of Kiteboarding as a Sport and Increase in Kiteboarding Championships & Tournaments Worldwide: Ken Research

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Global Kiteboarding Equipment Market by Equipments (Kite Boards, Accessories, Kites & Protective Gear), by Region (Americas, Europe, APAC & MEA), by New & Existing Demand, by Distribution Channel (Company Stores and Specialty Stores, Online, Hypermarkets and Others) and by Equipment Price-Outlook to 2022” believe that the market would register a CAGR of around 8% during the period 2017-2022.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of global kiteboarding equipment market. The report covers market introduction, market nature, value chain analysis and market size on the basis of consumer expenditure. Market segmentation based on Equipments (Kite Boards, Accessories, Kites & Protective Gear), by Region (Americas, Europe, APAC & MEA), by New & Existing Demand, by Distribution Channel (Company Stores and Specialty Stores, Online, Hypermarkets and Others) and by Equipment Price have been well interpreted and presented in the report. The report also includes competitive landscape, company profiles for major players (Cabrinha, Naish International, F-One, North Kiteboarding, Switch Kites, Crazy Fly and Slingshot Sports) in the market, market share of major players and analyst recommendation.

The report will facilitate the reader with the identification and in-depth analysis of the existing and future trends and issues that impacts the industry and has anticipated growth in the future depending upon changing industry dynamics in coming years. The report is useful for water sports equipment manufacturers, distributors, specialty sporting goods stores, kiteboard equipment manufacturers, department stores, e-commerce portals, customers and other stakeholders to plan their market centric strategies in accordance with the ongoing and expected trends in the future.

  • Kiteboarding equipments especially Kiteboards and Kites in the price range of USD 401 – USD 800 are the highest selling products in the market. These are generally bought by retail customers through company stores, specialty stores, online stores and in hypermarkets.
  • US has been the market leader in terms of manufacturing and consumption demand of kiteboarding equipments worldwide. Major players operating in the region includes Cabrinha, Naish International and Slingshot. These players would dominate the competition landscape even in the forecast period due to higher investments done towards new product launches and brand marketing activities.
  • Owing to rise in stringent government regulations expected in future, protective kiteboarding gear products would continue to dominate sales within the kiteboarding equipment category in the forecast period.

In the recent years it has been observed that an investment for the kiteboarding infrastructure is rising and this shall act as a strong supporting factor for the kiteboarding equipment market. It would result in well-established kiteboarding infrastructure. Sustainability is being considered as the most important factors before production by the manufacturers in the market. Hence, it is expected that more eco-friendly and recyclable equipments shall be introduced in the market in the coming years. Americas is expected to be the leading geographical region in the global kiteboarding equipment market in the coming five years. The region is anticipated to witness an increased participation from the female participants in the coming years raising the overall participation rate in the sports. The region shall be followed by Europe, APAC and MEA. The move to include kiteboarding into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been initiated by the World Sailing Executive Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is trying to include events that appeal to the youth and encourage gender equity in the Olympic Games. As the sport of kiteboarding meets both criteria, the committee is pushing for its inclusion. The IOC has planned to allocate a medal for the sport. This is expected to raise the popularity of the sport in the coming years.

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