Indonesia Industrial Water treatment Market will be Driven by Strict Compliance of Regulatory Norms and Economic Reforms to Transform from a Service-Based Economy to a Manufacturing-Based Economy: Ken Research

According to Ken Research report titled Indonesia Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment Market Outlook to 2022 – By Region (Sumatra, Jakarta & Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Maluku & Irian Java) and By Industry (Power, Steel, Palm Oil, Food & Beverages, Oil and Gas and Others) expects that cities along river coasts are expected to emerge as new hubs with highest growth potential. Demand is expected to rise in SME segment as strict regulations regarding water discharge and conservation comes into play.

Growing awareness about the benefits of water treatment and depleting water resources due to increased consumption will drive the market for water treatment business.

Indonesia Industrial water and waste water treatment market registered a consistent performance in last five years led by strict implementation of regulatory norms and scarcity of water promoting the industries to use recycled water. Increase in energy requirement and growth in manufacturing industries have driven the water treatment industry EPC contracts. Major water treatment companies included are Beta Pramesti Asia, Metito, PT Kurita Indonesia, PT Tirtakreasi Amrita, Envitech Perkasa. The market is dominated by both domestic companies and Joint venture of domestic companies with foreign players. Advanced technology driven equipments are procured from foreign players while majority of the equipments are produced domestically. New and technologically advanced membranes and filters are still imported as demand is still in the growing phase.

Thermal power plants are the dominant end users of water treatment facilities in Indonesia. The country relies on coal based power plants to meet over 50% of the electricity requirement. Palm oil industry is the second largest end user in the country. Indonesia is a global export leader for palm oil and is the dominant producer in the world. Iron and steel industry was the third largest end user in market share due to rising demand for steel consumption in various infrastructure projects that has increased the demand for water treatment in this industry. Indonesia has also emerged as a hub for manufacturing Food & Beverages due to rising investments and rise in user penetration for packaged food products. Pharmaceuticals, Textile, tannery, oil and gas, automobile, electronics are some other key sectors where there is demand of water treatment.

Poor implementation of existing regulations in many parts of the country, lack of WWTPs in SMEs, fragmented market in equipment supply, poor energy efficiency among the waste water treatment facilities, lack of funds, price sensitivity in tenders, and poor investment in R&D are some key restraints in the water treatment business.

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