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The research report titled, “Asia Heating Pad Industry Situation and Prospects Research report” is a professional and comprehensive investigation of the latest condition of the Heating Pad industry. It offers an in depth analysis of the industry along with integrity of logic and full description of contents. It also entails a basic outlay of the industry including specific definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure along with a proper discussion of the development plans and policies, manufacturing processes and cost structures.

The heating pads & related thermal material market consists of products which are generally used in a wide range of electronic applications in various industries for transferring heat from electronic components to heat sinks. Usually, thermal interface heating pads & materials are widely used in consumer electronics, telecom equipment, power supply units, aerospace, and other industries.

The industry is mainly classified by (a) Product Types, with production, revenue, price, and market share and growth rate of each type, which is further divided into Microwavable Heating Pads, Electric Heating Pads and Chemical Heating Pads and (b) by applications, aiming at consumption, market share and growth rate of Heating Pad in each application, is divided into Home Use, Medical Use, Commercial Use and Other Use.

The Heating Pad industry in Asia market, especially caters to China, Japan, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia wherein the top producers of the industry are namely- Sunbeam, Carex, Walgreens, PureRelief, Thermalon, Milliard, Nature Creation, Drive Medical, Kaz, Beady Heat Therapy, BodyMed, Chattanooga Medical Supply, Sunny Bay, Thrive, Beurer, Conair, Dongguan Yu Xin Electronic and Dongguan Yongqi. This goodly number of leading players well indicates that there is a massive competition that prevails in this industry and thereby the potential of these products is well evaluated and tested in accordance with the unique factors that a company’s product should possess in order to compete with others in a healthy manner and also retain its customer base and brand name all at once. As a result, the new manufacturer entrants in the market are finding it really difficult to compete with these international well developed vendors on the grounds of quality, reliability, and enhancements in technology.

China and Japan have been the prominent players of the Asian industry and they have always sustained to be the main contributors. Studies also suggest that both China and Japan are foreseen to witness amplification in the amount of revenue generation as well as production of heating pads because in the coming years, demand for such comfort products is expected to record a significant hike.

If we look at the records from 2016, the world economy registered an expansion by about 2.2 per cent, which was the slowest rate of growth that was encountered after the Great Recession of 2009. However, this sluggish scenario is all set to ameliorate in the years to proceed since the world gross product is forecasted to augment by 2.7 per cent in 2017 and 2.9 per cent in 2018, leading to an overall recovery of the economy making it stable enough to enjoy an ongoing global demand. Moreover, with the futuristic concept of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including specifically the goals of “removing extreme poverty” and “generating decent employment opportunities for all”; the heating pad industry on a whole will benefit since all the industries in the global economy are anticipated to experience positive shifts towards a holistic development.

The Asian Heating Pad market has been noticed as growing at a very good speed and with further rises in technological innovation, competition and merger and acquisition activities; many local as well as regional vendors are expected to be offering specific application products for a variety of consumers in order to satiate their new desires which will be a result of the shift in their preferences with the passage of time. Hence, the Asian industry is foreseen to register really huge profits in the coming years and contribute to the world to a major extent. Consequently, the global thermal interface heating pads & material market is expected to reach somewhere about USD 1379.02 Million by 2020, at a decent estimated CAGR of nearly 8.47%.

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