Evolution in E-retailing to Boost the Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Argentina-Ken Research

The report titled “Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Argentina”, provides a comprehensive analysis of Argentina population addicted to health and beauty products, health and beauty specialist retailers in Argentina, new trends and growth of the sector, major products, anti-aging products, and future of health and beauty specialist retailers in Argentina.

Argentina population posses a history of eating disorders and one in ten consumers suffer from eating disorder. The trend has affected four million people within the country and majority of the women are affected by expectations to look a certain way.  Several key factors such as the popularity of dieting, smoking, media and social pressures also contribute to the disoriented look of the Argentinean women.  There is also an obsession of staying young and beautiful with the introduction of cosmetic or plastic surgery in Argentina and one out of 30 Argentines opt for it. Argentina women focus on beauty to look thin, young, light hair, light skin, and if possible light eyes.

Industry Overview: The major products sold in Argentina are the beauty products because one in three women purchases beauty and personal care products online. The second most popular category in health and beauty products is cosmetics. The best-selling products in the health and wellness category are perfumes, followed by make-up, hair care, facial care and health products. The majority of shoppers in Argentinean health and beauty products are between age 18 and 30 years old. All the health and beauty products in Argentina are available at the beauty specialist retailers, chemists/ pharmacies, drugstores/ parapharmacies, optical goods stores, and other healthcare specialist retailers. Farmacity is the leading player in Argentina’s health and wellness products category which boosts private label growth. The leading distributors in the health and beauty specialist retailers in Argentina are through direct selling, hypermarkets & retail chains, e-commerce, pharmacies, specialty stores, salons and others.

New Trends in Health and Beauty Specialists in Argentina: Kartun or Rouge are the chain of luxury brands and these brands boost their sales by offering consumers an opportunity to experience the products they sell. Rouge has remodelled its branches and incorporating beauty cabinets where consumers try various health and beauty products. Rouge health and beauty products are sold with more personalised and experiential actions. Red Farma Shop is another leading player that has introduced Punto Shop where they sell perfume, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Punto Shop is a chain of pharmacies with 25 years of presence in the city of Rosario in Argentina. Farmacity launches a new format known as the Look and Simplicity formats which is associated with health and beauty sector. It also plans to continue venturing into new innovations related to health and healthy category. Farmacity has launched Qüell, a retail store which is specialising in healthy eating and wellbeing within the country.

Future of Health and Beauty Specialists in Argentina:

The key factor boosting the health and beauty specialist retailers in Argentina is the consumers desire to retain a youthful appearance and maintain good looks amongst the general population. The fear of aging in Argentina women has led to the growing demand for anti-aging products in the beauty sector. There is a huge demand for age-defying and appearance-enhancing skin cosmetics by the elderly population as the need to look and feel younger than their biological age is intensifying. New and effective anti-aging products reduce blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, and any other marks, to help their face look brighter and younger. Moreover, the development in smartphone and internet across the country has enabled the growth of the specialist retailers for health and beauty products. E-retailing is the leading health and beauty specialist retailers in Argentina and will witness a continuing growth over the next few years.

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