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The report titled “OILSEED FARMING GLOBAL MARKET REPORT 2018 INCLUDING: SOYBEAN FARMING; OTHER OILSEED FARMING COVERING: BURRUS SEED FARM, GANSU DUNHUANG SEED CO LTD, HEFEI FENGLE SEED CO LTD, LAND O’LAKES INC, DIESTER INDUSTRIE”, provides a comprehensive analysis of global oilseed farming market, oilseed production, demand, sustainability, leading players, leading countries in global oilseed farming, precision farming, market for global oilseed farming, biotechnology in oilseeds and future of global oilseed farming market.

Oilseed crops are grown all over the world and are considered important crops because of their economical value. Oilseed crops are primarily grown for edible oil. Oilseed farming has attracted more attention due to an increasing demand for healthy vegetable oils, livestock feeds, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and other oleochemical industrial uses. This trend has resulted in an 82% expansion of oilseed crop cultivation around the world. To satisfy the increasing world demand for oilseed products such as sustainable oil production, classic breeding efforts needs are coupled with biotechnological approaches to expand the oil yield per unit area. Genetic engineering plays an important role in oilseeds products because it allows sustainable oilseed production, enhanced oilseed nutritional value and enhanced oilseed quality for industrial purposes. Triacylglycerols (TAGs) in oilseeds consist of various fatty acids and are the main component of a vegetable oil. New biotechnology methods allow insertion or modification of TAGs genes involved in the biosynthesis of a desired fatty acid. Genetic engineering started a new era for oilseed crops and has created opportunities for sustainable oilseed crop production around the world.

Oilseed crops are a backbone of several agricultural economies from antiquity which play a prominent role in agricultural industries and trade throughout the world. The increase in production of edible oil through various improved methods and technological has also offered a friendly and suitable environment for oilseed production. Oil is extracted from the oilseed that was being utilized by humans for thousands of years and only during the last 30 years that oilseed crops became internationally important. The major oilseed crops are groundnut, sunflower, soybean, safflower, and sesame yielding high-grade, edible oil. The non-edible oil producing crops are castor and linseed.

Oilseed Production, Demand and Sustainability: Oilseed crops contribute to renewable energy production, help steady greenhouse gases, and mitigate the risk of climate change. The climate change is dictated by reaction of oilseeds to temperature, carbon dioxide, solar radiation, and precipitation. The climatic conditions are vital to oilseed crop growth. Oilseed crops can rapidly sense environmental changes and adapt to stress. Various conventional methods have been exploited for enhancing the yield of oilseeds crops. There is a need to adopt recent technologies, which will lead to improved sustainability. Oilseed crops are cultivated largely under rain-fed conditions and an erratic rainfall will cause the crops suffer from moisture stress at different growth stages that will result in low yields. The global production of oilseed is stabilized and significantly increased by extending irrigation facilities in the oilseed farming. As the world population increases, demand for high-quality seed oils continues to grow.

Oilseed Farming, Leading Vendors, and Geography: Oilseed Farming market involves growing oilseed crops and oilseeds production. Oilseed crops are typically grown in open fields and have an annual growth cycle. World trade of oilseeds is substantial and involves most of the leading countries of the world as exporters, importers, or both. Asia Pacific is the largest geographic region accounting a largest share of oilseed production and China is the largest country accounting for the global oilseed farming market. The leading vendors in the oilseed farming are Burrus Seed farm, Gansu Dunhuang Seed Co Ltd, Hefei Fengle Seed Co Ltd, Land OLakes Inc, and Diester Industrie. Oilseed farming is geographically spread across Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, and Middle East and Africa. The leading countries in the production of oilseeds are Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Russia, UK, USA and Australia. Oilseeds are used in the agriculture industry, animal feed industry, oil market and others.

Precision Oilseed Farming: Precision farming is widely being used in the developed countries to make oilseed production more efficient. This method of agriculture collects real time data on weather, soil and air quality, crop maturity, equipment, labour costs and availability. Farmers use precision farming techniques to determine the amount of nutrients, water, seed and other inputs required to produce a wide range of oilseed crops on diverse soil environments which increases productivity. The precision farming is also known as big data farming.

Future of Global Oilseed Farming: Oilseed farming market is growing rapidly in the agriculture market due to the growing demand for oilseed products with increase in population. The end-users of oilseeds demand for healthy and economical oilseed products. This trend has led the farmers to adapt to biotech-enhanced traits in seeds to boost yield more efficiently and effectively. Biotechnologically enhanced oilseeds can improve the return on investment in oilseed farming by producing healthier agricultural products. On the global scale the biotech seeds are used for oilseed farming. The leading vendors in oilseed farming are investing heavily in research and development to developed modified oilseeds that can enhance productivity. The oilseed farming marker will continue growing with a huge demand over the coming years.

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