Evolution in E-Cigarettes to boost the Cigarettes Industry in Netherlands: Ken Research

The report titled “Cigarettes in the Netherlands”, provides a comprehensive analysis of cigarette industry, factors affecting the growth of cigarette market in Netherlands, cigarette leading players in Netherlands, cigarette manufacturing process, flavours, tastes, e-cigarette development, e-cigarette manufacturers, excise tax on cigarettes, and future of cigarettes market in Netherlands.

Cigarette Industry Overview: Cigarette is a small cylinder filled with fine processed tobacco leaves, rolled into thin white paper and used for smoking. The most modern cigarettes manufactured are filtered cigarettes and are not safe. Cigarettes are usually drug administration systems used for the delivery of nicotine in acceptable and attractive forms. They are addictive due to nicotine and cause cancer, heart problems, and other health problems. Smoking rate has greatly declined in the developed world, but continue to rise in the developing nations. The rising disposable income, increase in female smokers and modernization has led to the increase in smokers who are fuelling the growth of cigarette market. However, there is an increased demand for e-cigarettes which is a major threat to the traditional cigarette market.

Industry Overview and Leading Players in Netherlands: It was observed that the demand and sales of cigarettes has declined due to higher taxation, restrictions on smoking in public places and consumer’s increasing health awareness. Also, a majority of the Netherland smokers are switching to vapour products, which are perceived as less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The cigarette industry in Netherlands is highly concentrated. The major leading players are Philip Morris Holland, British American Tobacco Netherlands, JT International Co Netherlands and Imperial Tobacco Netherlands. Philip Morris Holland accounts for a major volume share followed by the other three players.

Cigarettes in Netherlands are sold at various shops and supermarkets. Not all variants of cigarettes are the same. Smokers prefer many different tastes and strengths and manufacturers aim for excellence in every step of cigarette manufacturing. Food-type ingredients and flavourings are added to few types of cigarettes so as to balance the natural tobacco taste, replace sugars lost in curing and give individual brands their characteristic flavour, aroma, control moisture, protect against microbial degradation and act as binders or fillers. Nicotine is not added in making cigarettes because it is naturally available in all varieties of tobacco plants. The cigarette filter, paper and level of filter ventilation are all chosen to affect the sensory strength and smoke yield of a cigarette. Biodegradability of the cigarette filter depends on the type of filter and paper used which can degrade over a month to three-year time period, in certain environments. For other variants of filters, such as polymers or glues, the degradability is questionable and needs eco-toxicity and degradation testing. Almost all the tobacco manufacturers in Netherlands are required to redress the damage caused to the ecology from tobacco wastes. Ecological tax is imposed on cigarettes in Netherlands along with the uninterrupted rise of tobacco excises.

E-cigarettes in Netherlands: E-cigarettes are economical than regular cigarettes because of the heavy taxes levied and increased cost. With the implementation of anti-smoking policies in Netherlands, there is an increased in the taxes on traditional cigarettes. The rising price of cigarettes has led to the increasing adoption of e-cigarettes as they are a cost-efficient. Use of kits for e-cigarettes is more economical than an average heavy smoker spends on traditional cigarettes. Many manufacturers are constantly developing new types of e-cigarettes to cater to the tastes, flavour and needs of customers. They are also experimenting with innovative vapour flavours, device shape, and technology. British American Tobacco introduced a new type of heat-not-burn device, glo iFuse that combines e-cigarette technology and fresh tobacco leaves known as hybrid cigarettes. They use small amounts of tobacco to improve the flavour of e-cigarettes. British American Tobacco Netherlands and Imperial Tobacco Netherlands are the leading players in the e-cigarettes category in Netherlands.

Future of Cigarettes Market in Netherlands: Netherlands government has banned smoking in public transport, international transportation, bus stops, shopping centres, underground and surface pedestrian crossings, in presence of kids or near people who are against tobacco smoking, educational institution, all public places such as parks, beaches, hotels, clubs and many others. According to the statistics, cigarette production was reduced drastically in Netherlands which is a positive sign. Netherlands cigarette consumption and production will witness a drastic downfall in the next few years and this trend may continue for a long time in the near future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Netherlands Cigarette Market
  • Netherlands Cigarette Market Analysis
  • Netherlands Cigarette Market Forecast
  • Netherlands Cigarette Sales Market Revenue
  • Netherlands E-cigarette Market
  • Netherlands E-cigarette Market Analysis
  • Netherlands E-cigarette Market Forecast
  • Netherlands E-cigarette Market Opportunities
  • Tobacco Production Netherlands
  • Netherlands Tobacco Market Research
  • Cigars Market Netherlands
  • Netherlands Cigar Market Analysis
  • Netherlands Cigarette Consumption
  • Netherlands Cigarette Production
  • Netherlands Cigarette Market Major players
  • Netherlands Cigarette Market Competition

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