North America Contribute approximately 35% of the Global Seeds and Traits Market: Ken Research

GM seed segment is the leading market in the US seed industry owing to the increase in productivity and resistance from pests and herbicides.

The US seeds market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 6% during 2017 – 2022

The report titled “The US Seed Market Outlook to 2022 – By Crop Type (Corn, Cotton, Soyabean, Wheat, Rice, Grain Sorghum, Oats, Vegetable Seeds), by Open Pollinated, Hybrid and Genetically Modified Seeds” by Ken Research anticipate a resilient and challenging outlook for incumbent seed segments such as Corn, soybean and see stable growth in Vegetable seed, Wheat and Sugarbeet seed space with anticipated growth in GM adoption in the next 5 years.

US Seed Market Research Report

The US is the largest and the most diverse global commercial seed market, which is followed by China, France, Brazil and Canada. The seed industry is the US is concentrated among the few big players though there are over 750 private seed companies engaged in the business with an offering of over 60,000 seed varieties of planting seeds.

The distribution channel in US seed industry varies between multiple states however it is mostly led by the dealer channel and retail channel. Seed companies also tend to sell directly to the farmers in case of large operations. For input providers, channel retailers and dealers are significant partners as they manage directly the relationship with the farmer.

The US has observed the approval of 195 single trait events in 20 crop species: alfalfa (3 events), apple (3), Argentine canola (20), chicory (3), cotton (28), creeping bentgrass (1), flax (1), maize (43), melon (2), papaya (3), plum (1), potato (43), rice (3), rose (2), soybean (24), squash (2), sugar beet (3), tobacco (1), tomato (8), and wheat (1) since 1996. In 2016 itself, food, feed and cultivation approvals were made for apple (1 event), maize (2) and potato (3).

The GM seed crop area in the US recorded a growth of 3% at around 73 million hectares which is about 39% of the global biotech area in 2016. GM seed prices differs with trait stacking/bundling, perceived agronomic conditions in each US region in terms of pest infestations, rainfall, others and availability of substitute seeds, commodity prices, and farmer income.

As the biotech seeds adoption rate is rising, the competition in the seed business has become more challenging. Companies with a high market share in regions which experience significant acreage shifts could realize more loss than companies with a lower share.

According to Ken Research, DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto have continued to dominate over 70% of the corn seed business and about 60% of the soybean seed market in the US in 2016. This level of concentration among major corporations which sell patented seeds makes the seed sector a monopolistic nature in top grain markets. The proposed agrochemical mergers such as Bayer with Monsanto, Dupont with Dow Chemical and ChemChina with Syngenta will make the concentration more intense.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

US Seed Market

US Seed Market Future

US Corn Seed Market

US Soyabean Seed Market

US Cotton Seed Market

US Wheat Seed Market

US Rice Seed Market

US Grain Sorghum Seed Industry

US Barley Seed Industry

US Oats Seed Demand

US Fruits and Vegetable Seed Consumption

Seed Treatment in US

Monsanto Market Share US Seed Industry

Syngenta Sale seed in US

Bayer competition US Seed Industry

LimaGrain growth US seed Market

Rijk Zwaan sale GM seed US

Sakata revenue seed sale US

Bejo seed sale in US

US Seed Market Overview

US Seed Market Evolution

GM Seed Adoption Rate US

Agricultural Farm Income in US

US Seed Industry Economics

Trends Seed Penetration in the US

United States Seed Competition

Market Share Seed Manufacturers US

Commercial Seed Sales in United States

Forecast Seed Expenditure in US

Farm Holding Structure in US

Average Farm Size in US

Cash Receipt US Soybean

Soybean Seed Export US

Hybrid Seed Market in US

Genetically Modified Seed Market US

GM Seed Sales in US

Revenue Forecast GM Seed US

For more information on the market research report please refer to the below link:

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Ken Research

Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


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