Rigorous Strategies in Home Insecticides Fabrication in Serbia Lead by Agricultural Sector: Ken Research

Serbia is an emerging market with upper-middle income economy. 57% of Serbia’s land is dedicated to agriculture. The agricultural insecticides affect the quality of soil, and quality and quantity of underground water. Fertilizers and insecticides are the major sources of water pollution. The consumption of insecticides, fungicides, bactericides and other varieties of pesticides has decreased from the past years and the growth in this sector is zero.

According to the market research report “Home Insecticides in Serbia“, agriculture is the heart of economy and is the highest contributor towards Serbia’s GDP.  Serbia is nation with fertile land and favourable natural conditions for agricultural production. Rainy season is a good condition for reproduction in mosquitoes and other flying insects. Majority of the population tend to use common spray insecticides also known as home insecticides to get rid of the mosquitoes and flying insects. Therefore, there is high growth in volumes and value for home insecticides.

Serbia Home Insecticides Market Research Report

Insecticides are a form of pesticides that are manufactured to kill, harm, or reduce species of insect. It works in various ways on an insect by disrupting their nervous system, whereas others may damage their exoskeletons, reduce them or control them by some other means.  The home insecticides may be packaged in various forms such as sprays, dusts, gels, and baits. Each and every insecticide poses a different level of risk to non-target insects, people, pets and environment.

The home insecticides witnessed a decline in the sales in the past years due to many negative health effects of the product types. The majority of the families with kids around, and owners of pets are not willing to purchase or use home insecticides due to health concerns. In Serbia, marketing and distribution of home insecticides by international companies is expected to grow in the coming years. The insecticide baits and spray/aerosol insecticides will continue to witness a drastic decline due to the potentially negative health effects.

SC Johnson is the leading competitor in home insecticides in Serbia with Raid and Autan brands also in the lead. Domestic companies such as Artsana SpA and Lomax are the major competitors’ in Serbia. The world’s leading competitors of pesticides (Syngenta, Du Pont, Dow AgroSciences, Bayer Cropscience, BASF, United Phosphorus, Arysta LifeScience, Sinochem Ningbo, Agriphar, Spiess Urania, Cheminova, Nissan Chemical Industries, Zapi, Goemar, Galenika Fitofarmacija, Cinkarna,), domestic and foreign selection houses (NS seme, Franchi sementi, KWS, ZP), garden and professional programme (Dolmar, Oregon, G.F., Di Martino, Al-Ko, Telwin, Elpumps).

The demand for healthy ecological products has witnessed launch of environmental friendly home insecticides. The major factors affecting the growth in the home insecticides are the negative impact of the recession, decline of home care, the adoption of new laws and regulations on all chemicals. The chemicals used in production of home insecticides should be environmental-friendly and biodegradable. The product packet should specify the ingredients, types of allergens and their quantities.

The country’s economy is affected by the global economic crisis and high rate of unemployment. The home insecticides market in Serbia is expected to start its growth at a slow pace in the coming years with the introduction of new ecological products.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Serbia Home Insecticides Market Research Report

Serbia Home Insecticides Market Size

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Serbia Home Insecticides Market Future Outlook

Serbia Home Insecticides Market Competition

Serbia Pest Control Market Research

Serbia Pest Control Services Sector

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