Growing Infrastructure Developmental Activities and Government Initiatives to Build Smart Cities has Supported Growth of LED Lights in Indonesia: Ken Research

Efforts taken by the government and the major players in the country to spread awareness among the public, tax incentives offered on LED manufacturing aimed at attracting foreign players and to encourage domestic production has contributed to the growth of LED lights market in Indonesia.

The report titled “Indonesia LED Lighting Market by Type (Lamps & Luminaires), By Usage (Indoor and Outdoor) and By Sector – Outlook to 2021” by Ken Research suggested a positive CAGR in terms of revenue in LED lights market in the next 5 years till 2021.

Indonesia LED Lighting Market Research Report

In Indonesia, lighting market was traditionally dominated by fluorescent tube lights (FTLs) and incandescent bulbs (ICLs) until a decade ago. The prime reasons attributed to their dominance were easy availability, cheaper products relative to other lighting products and easy installation. These traditional lighting systems consume more electricity than the LED lighting systems. The increasing consumption of electricity in the country and the government’s plans to gain 100.0% electricity supply in the country have stimulated the need for energy efficient lighting system in the country. The Indonesian government identified the glitches in the lighting sector and therefore started aggressively promoting energy efficient sources of lighting such as LED lights in the country. LED lights market in Indonesia witnessed rising demand overtime owing to the longevity, energy efficiency and environment friendly features attached to it. The increased demand for LED lights is supplemented by the Indonesian government’s commitment to replace traditional advertising materials with LED displays and increased consumer awareness of the importance of energy-saving lighting options.

In the recent years, Indonesian government has stressed on the necessity of using greener and energy efficient lighting sources. The government has been aggressively promoting the usage of LED lights in public construction projects, commercial and transportation lighting applications. Many programs and plans have been formulated by the government to promote the use of LED lights in the country.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

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For more information on the market research report please refer to the below link:

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