Philippines LED Lighting Market Future Outlook to 2021: Ken Research

How LED Lighting Market Is Positioned in Philippines?

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country comprised of more than 7,000 islands. It possesses a population of 103.3 million as of 2016. Energy sector of the country is facing a major reformation in the recent years. Electricity sector as a part of the energy sector is also becoming more efficient in terms of generation, transmission and penetration. The Philippines is divided into three electrical grids, one each for Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. The electricity penetration in the country has reached 90.0% in 2016 and the government is aiming at a 100% penetration in the recent future with the installation of more energy efficient lighting systems such as LED lighting technology. LED lights market in the Philippines has displayed a tremendous increase at a CAGR of ~%. The market is still in an infancy stage in the country. The growth showcased was led by higher demand from the commercial and industrial end users for LED lights.

Philippines LED Light Market Research Report

The market for LED lighting in the Philippines has expanded owing to the technological improvements. The emergence of LED as an efficient light source has made it possible for government to set targets and even ban types of inefficient light bulbs. The programs initiated by the government to LED streetlight retrofit, traffic lighting retrofit, public lighting retrofit and others during this period has gained a significant traction for the LED technology in the country.

Which Type of LED is Preferred the Most?

In Philippines both LED luminaires and lamps are sold by the players. The choice of the type of LED depends on the purpose and location of the LED light. Considering the revenue realized from the sale of LEDs, the type of LED which contributed the major share was luminaires as of 2016. In Philippines, there are different types of luminaires namely panel lights, downlights, spotlights and directional lights. All these lights are used for different purposes. Luminaires are compatible for use in indoor and outdoor lighting and they are equally used in both spaces. The major customers of luminaires are the commercial and residential customers.

Variety in the product types add to the increased revenues from luminaires. Residential customers use downlights and spotlights for decorative purposes in the modern homes. Panel lights and spotlights are also used for movie making activities. The ability of LED luminaire lights to work properly in rugged environments makes these lights an ideal choice for the industrial sector in the present scenario. Luminaires are also used as directional lights in the parking spaces and outside the shopping malls. Despite being expensive than LED lamps, the modern concept of LED luminaires became popular with the modern techniques and the increased demand of the customers for new luminaire products in the LED market. Some of the major companies that sell Luminaires in the country include General Electric, Philips and others.

The government programs aimed at retrofitting the public lightings has been a major contributor for the growth in the revenues from LED lamps. Several programs and projects are introduced and are being introduced in the country aimed at creating a clean and green environment and promoting energy efficient lighting systems. For instance, energy efficient lighting projects in Quezon City and Baguio City. For the outdoor lightings such as traffic lights, streetlights and park lights LED lamps are majorly used.

Which Usage Of Led Lights Dominates In Philippines?

The wide product range in the LED lights segment has made it compatible for both outdoor and indoor applications. In terms of revenue, outdoor application of LED lights dominated the market accounting for a share of ~% in 2016. Outdoor lighting represents the traffic lightings, park lightings, street lightings, roadway lightings, exterior building lightings and other open area lightings. It majorly serves the purpose of creating a sense of personal security by illuminating larger areas. LED lightings emit much brighter light that it shall cater the outdoor lighting needs. Outdoor LED lights are considered important for the fact that they help in attracting people towards a particular space and this distinguishing feature to emit more light in open places is the major reason responsible behind its domination.

Which Region Dominates the LED Lights Market in Philippines?

In terms of revenue generation, the market is dominated by three major regions namely, Metro Manila, CALABARZON Region, and Central Visayas. Metro manila is also called the National Capital Region of Philippines. It comprises with 16 cities and one municipality. The total population of metro manila is ~ million according to 2015 Census. A major portion of urban population in Philippines is in Metro Manila. Metro Manila has the two major cities where assembling and import takes place; Manila and Quezon City. During 2016, Metro Manila held a share of ~% in the overall LED lighting market with revenues been reported at USD ~ million. All the major urban cities in Philippines come under Metro Manila region and thereby have a direct correlation with demand for latest technologies. CALABARZON region is more of a residential region in comparison to the other regions in the segmentation. Laguna, one of the major cities in the region is home to many prestigious educational, environmental and research institutions. These institutions together are focused on inducing the residential as well as the commercial spaces to use energy-efficient lighting systems. Central Visayas contributed revenue worth USD ~ million with a percentage share of ~% in the overall LED lighting market in 2016. The regional center of this region is Cebu City.

What are the Major Trends and Issues in Philippines led lights Market?

  1. Infrastructure and construction industry in Philippines have displayed a tremendous growth in the past few years and is expected to rise in the coming years. The growth in the sector is supported by the ambitious government programs to develop infrastructure and rising private and foreign investment into residential and non-residential building construction.
  2. The popularity gained by the LED lighting market among the residential customers is very minimal in Philippines. People are still unaware of the benefits of choosing LED lights over the traditional incandescent lights and CFLs. As the cost of installation of LED lights are higher than the other lighting systems, it is considered as a luxury and is majorly installed in modern houses.
  3. The government is initiating to make the public aware of the benefits of using LED lights in both residential and commercial spaces. Increasing electricity consumption and carbon emissions have induced the government authorities to promote the use of LED lights across the country.
  4. The manufacturing of LED is a highly complex process and the customers always demand specify quality, performance and reliability standards that the companies have to meet. If the product fails to meet such standards, the companies have to replace or rework on the product.
  5. Major cities in Philippines are gradually moving to the adoption of LED technology into street lighting. Rising shortage of electricity and high generation charges have induced the government of various regions to adopt energy-efficient lighting systems in the public areas.

How the Competition is prevailing in Philippines LED Lights Market

The Philippines LED lighting market is highly concentrated with the dominance of few leading lighting assemblers and distributors in the country. There are a significant number of assemblers and distributors of LED lights in the country but the market is dominated by a very few. Nearly ~% of the market is dominated by top six players in the market. Since the sector requires large amount of capital to be invested, this has inhibited the emergence of several companies in the space. Frequent introduction of new LED products, rapid changes in technology, changing customer requirements, long product life cycle, and number of retail outlets and prices of similar technology by various companies are common platforms on which the competition prevails in the overall lighting market of the country. Since, the country does not have manufacturing at a large scale the competition at the manufacturer’s level does not prevail in the market.

What is the Future Outlook for Philippines LED Lights Market?

In the Philippines, LED lights market is still in its infancy stage as there is a lack of awareness among the general public. However, the major players as well as the government of the country are focusing on increasing the awareness of the public about the LED products in the market. It is expected that the LED lighting market in the country shall display a growth at a CAGR of ~% in the coming five years. Electric and lighting companies are in plans to collaborate with the public institutions and to partner with banks and NGOs in the country in the coming years. The purpose of collaboration and partnership is to conduct campaigns to raise awareness and build urgency on energy conservation in the country by showcasing LED lighting technology as the best solution.

Companies Cited in the Report

List of Companies                                                      Companies Covered in the Report

Yatai International Corporation

Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation

Akari Lighting & Technology                                  Major Players in Philippines LED Lights Market

General Electric Philippines

Philips Electronics and Lighting, Inc. (PELI)

Green Energy Saving (GES)

Key Factors Considered in the Report

Comprehensive analysis of Philippines LED Lights Market and its segments

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Product Portfolio by company in Philippines LED Lights Market

LED Lights Sales in Philippines

Government initiatives and regulations in Philippines LED Lights Market

Indoor LED Lights in Philippines

Listed major players and their positioning in the market

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Identified major industry trends and issues in last few years and assessed the future growth of the industry

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