Global Adhesive Market to Nurture Majorly through Asia-Pacific’s Success: Ken Research

To bind two separate items together and resist their separation, adhesive is applied to one surface or both surfaces. Glues, cements, mucilage or pastes are the substances which can be used in place of adhesives. Manufacturing adhesives, glue and caulking compounds are the primary sources in which the adhesives industry is engaged.

In many regions, there has been a stronger market presence by many adhesive companies due to increase in mergers and acquisitions. For instance, Adhesive Systems Inc. has been acquired by Royal Adhesives & Sealants LLC in 2016 and ultimately benefited the market on a whole.

Water-based, solvent-based, hot melted-based and reactive & others are the segmentation on the basis of technology of global adhesives market. On the basis of application the global adhesive market is segmented into building and construction, paper and packaging, transportation, leather and footwear and furniture. Global adhesive market has been dominated by building and construction segment and it is expected that this segment will continue to dominate the market till 2020. Due to urbanization and growth in middle class population the market is dependent on construction segment which will boost the growth.

Global Adhesives Market Research Report

According to the report, “Adhesives Market Global Report 2017”, in 2016, with around 63% of market share, Asia has accounted to be the largest region of global adhesives market. Due to economic growth and large population, Asia became the largest region. With 24% of market share, America holds the second largest region all around the globe in adhesive market followed by Europe with 10% market share.

The global adhesive market is highly fragmented by lots of multinational players as well as regional players. The market is less capital intensive and competitive in nature. Automotive assembly, transportation, personal care, packaging, labelling and electronics are included as industrial customers in the market. 3M, Arkema, Dow, H.B. Fuller and Henkel are the leading vendors in global adhesive and sealants market.

The use of eco-friendly products has been done continually in construction by manufacturers and end-users, which has led to a growth in demand for bio-adhesive. It is one of the recent developments which is not only used in construction but also used in automotive applications and pharmaceutical packaging.

Till 2020, the market of global adhesives is estimated to reach USD 105 billion. An increase in global adhesives mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is anticipated which will lead to growth in the market in future years. There will be a stronger corporate balance sheet, liquid debt market and favorable interest rate of mergers and acquisitions because many adhesive companies have been observed pursuing their mergers in the beginning of 2017.

Due to huge competition among the various players in the market and some adhesives being prone to threat to the environment, the market may observe growth at a sluggish rate. But because of the rate of growth of GDP in Asia Pacific region and expected tremendous growth in adhesives market, producers are expected to be emboldened to increase their production with new innovation and development in the market in the future years.

Key Factors Considered in the Report

Global Adhesives Market Research Report

Global Eco Friendly Glue Industry Trends

Global Royal Adhesives Market Demand

Global Specialty Chemicals Industry Trends

Global Sealants Industry Future Outlook

Global Adhesives Market Import Value

Global Adhesives Market Export Value

Global Adhesives Market Mergers and Acquisitions

Asia-Pacific Adhesives Market Size

Global Packaging Adhesive Industry Overview

US Adhesives Market Research Report

Europe Adhesives Market Research Report

South Africa Adhesives Market Research Report

North America Adhesives Market Research Report

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