Consumption of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements among Geriatric Population coupled with Aging Population to Drive Nutraceuticals Market in Thailand: Ken Research

Lack of trend of Physical Activity coupled with aging population to Drive Nutraceuticals Market in Thailand

Thailand is ranked third most rapidly aging population in the world. The aging phenomenon in Thailand started from 2001 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6%during the period 2016-2021. Dietary supplement market is expected to be positively impacted with aging population as Thailand will be turning into a complete geriatric society by 2030. With the increase in the aging population, there has been increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Thailand has a remarkably high prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease among the age group of 35 and older and 21.0% of this population had stage III or higher CKD in 2014. Among men aged 45-65 years, the prevalence offstage III CKD was 23.8% and among women of same age group the percentage observed was 13.6%.

For correction of the impacts of aging population and especially for eliminating kidney diseases, supplements with Vitamin D and calcium ingredients are commonly consumed by the older age people due to low bone density. Moreover, women experiencing menopause after the age of 45 are consuming health supplements which can be used for the changing needs. Few examples of these supplements include Remifin (black cohosh to ease menopause symptoms), Solgar PM PHvtoGen Complex, Soy isoflavones capsule and Wise Women Herbals Maca Capsules, which are excessively consumed by Thai aged women.

The revenues of Thailand nutraceuticals market are observed to continuously increase at a steady pace during the historical period. Health and wellness trends in Thailand acted as major driver for the nutraceuticals market in the country. The fact that Thai people have become more beauty conscious and are willing to spend more on health supplements due to desire of looking younger and attractive helped nutraceuticals market players generate high revenue from the segment. Owing to the trend, the market has witnessed an increase in beauty and weight management supplements. Kalow weight loss supplements and B5 dietary supplements are popular products for weight loss in Thailand.

The report titled Thailand Nutraceuticals Market Outlook to 2021 – Elevating Consumption of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements among Geriatric Population to Drive Futureby Ken Research suggested that nutraceuticals market in Thailand would showcase high growth during the forecast period. This can be advocated by the fact that the sports nutrition industry is expected to grow during the forecast period, which will consequently result in increased demand for functional foods and beverages in the market generating revenue for the overall market.

Topics Covered in The Report

  • Thailand Ginseng Market
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid Industry Size in Thailand
  • Protein and Amino Acid Supplements Sales in Thailand
  • Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals and Medicines Thailand
  • Vitamins and Dietary Supplements in Thailand
  • Nutritional Supplement Drinks Thailand
  • Blackmores vitamins and supplements Thailand
  • Probiotic Nutrition Market Thailand
  • Ginseng Sales in Thailand
  • Cerebos Sales in Thailand
  • Amway Performance in Thailand
  • Thailand Functional Beverage Market
  • Future Thailand Nutraceutical
  • Thailand Nutraceutical Market
  • Thailand Nutritional Supplements Market
  • Market Growth Nutraceutical Thailand

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