Middle East electronic security market was estimated to register a five year CAGR of ~% during 2016-2021- Ken Research

Middle East electronic security market was estimated to register a five year CAGR of ~% during 2016-2021. Market is expected to generate estimated revenue of USD ~ million in 2021. Traffic monitoring will be the key driver for demand of CCTV cameras in the future. With rising population traffic management is expected to create problem for new and emerging cities. Future mega events, such as the 2020 World Expo and the 2022 Football World Cup are expected to be key drivers for spiked demand for electronic security equipments in the region. To diversify revenue sources, Middle East governments are investing in real estate, education, hospitality and healthcare. Regulations regarding installation of electronic security in other countries like Oman, Morocco, Turkey, Kuwait and others are expected to create additional demand as implementation of existing regulations improves as well as new regulation come in. Opportunity exists for companies to train the local manpower to create goodwill as well as generate employment in the region. This will help in reducing their dependency on exports. Setting up a manufacturing unit in Middle East will help in gaining more market as more products can be developed as per needs of local requirements. CCTV Market in Middle East, Sale CCTV cameras Middle East ,Fire Alarm Industry Middle East, Bosch Sale CCTV camera Middle East, Tyco Intrusion alarm sale Middle East,

Qatar Electronic Security Market

Electronic security market in Qatar is still in developing stage. In 2016 it was estimated at USD ~ million. Majority of the demand was mainly driven by oil and gas industry and related activities which dominates the Qatar economy. Government and oil companies were the key consumers of electronic security in the country. CCTV and access control systems were the two major segments that dominated the market. Rising maturity towards IT products had prompted the market to develop at a very high growth rate. Security Systems Proper implementation and clarity of regulations had positively impacted the market. Banking, hospitality and retail have displayed a rapid rise in the purchasing and installation of new security and surveillance solutions in recent years especially after enactment of Civil defense code.

Turkey Electronic Security Market

Turkey electronic security market was estimated at USD ~ million in 2011 which increased to USD ~ million in 2016 registering 5 year CAGR of ~%. Turkey is at the border of Europe, Africa and Asia and was a victim of terrorist attacks. Government increased investments in increasing surveillance expenditure on electronic security. Fire warning systems and intercom systems were Growth was mainly driven by IP-based video surveillance systems. Several large distributors began to dominate the local market. As opposed to the earlier distributors who use European manufacturers, these companies imported and distributed products mainly from Asian manufacturers making it more accessible and affordable to Turkish people.

Saudi Arabia Electronic Security Market

Market for electronic security devices increased from USD ~ million in 2011 to USD ~ million in 2016. Jeddah, Riyadh and the adjoining areas was the most important market for electronic security devices in the country due to huge volume of commercial and real estate development. Other factors promoting growth in demand were Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, increased numbers of people spending their time in malls. The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia made it compulsory for all businesses to have surveillance cameras installed in their premises to protect against theft related crimes. Military and security services comprised ~% of the budget expenditure in 2016 which had risen over the years leading to increased demand for electronic security equipments.

Topics Covered in  The report

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  • Growth Access Control industry Middle East
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  • Trends and Developments in Middle East Electronic Security Market
  • Major Players in Middle East Intrusion Alarm Market
  • Major Players in Middle East Fire Alarm Market
  • Infrared Beam Alarms market Middle East

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