Philippine Medical Tourism Program Initiated by the Department of Health is Acting as Major Driver for the Philippines Hospitals Market: Ken Research

  • Multi-specialty hospitals are expected to gain high revenue share in the future as large number of hospitals in the segment are expected to launch by 2020
  • Improving healthcare infrastructure with growing public-private partnerships are expected to assist market in growing its revenue
  • Outpatient Services were the major revenue contributors in the Philippines hospitals market in 2016 majorly due to high prevalence of infectious diseases and outbreak of dengue and chickengunya

The price competitive medical tourism market of the Philippines has witnessed more healthcare services being provided to people in the recent past. Lack of infrastructure made the market underdeveloped; which is now positively changing due to skilled physicians, accredited hospitals, english speaking nurses and relatively inexpensive medical facilities of the country which makes it a global hub for medical tourism. Philippines was ranked eighth among the world’s top medical tourism destinations in 2015 catering 80,000 to 250,000 foreign patients annually.

Moreover, in order to promote medical tourism of the Philippines, the Department of Health of the government along with Department of Tourism of the Philippines initiated Philippine Medical Tourism Program so as to attract foreign patients to the medical services of the country. Government even collaborated with various private medical institutions for the purpose of quality healthcare and safety of international patients. Under Philippine Medical Tourism Program, 6,478 beds were enrolled in Metro Manila region with 4,371 being in private hospitals and 2,107 being in government hospitals

Ken Research in its latest study, Philippines Hospitals Market Outlook to 2021 – Rising Prevalence of Diseases coupled with Increasing Penetration of Health Insurance to Drive the Market suggested that leading hospitals in the Philippines can collaborate with primary hospitals of particular regions. This will help them expand their catchment area. Tie-ups with primary hospitals will help them serve more patients which will ultimately add to the revenues of the companies. Tele-medicine services in one such way in which these collaborations can be successful, wherein patients can get the benefits of advanced medical practices and consultations.

Topics Covers The Report

  • Private Hospitals in the Philippines,
  • Davao Hospital Sector,
  • Funding Donation Hospital Philippines,
  • Regulations Hospital Philippines,
  • Foreign Patients Hospital Philippines,
  • Philippines Hospital Industry,
  • Multi specialty Hospitals in Philippines,
  • Hospitals Case Study Philippines,
  • Investment in Hospitals in Philippines,
  • Maternity Centers in Philippines,
  • Hospital Based Diagnostic Centers Philippines,
  • Market Future Hospitals Philippines,
  • Hospital Based Pharmacy Market Philippines,
  • Philippines Tertiary Hospitals Revenue,
  • Primary Hospitals in NCR Region,
  • Philippine Heart Center Revenue Philippines,
  • Number of Surgeries Hospitals Philippines,
  • Future Hospitals Philippines,
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center Competition Philippines,
  • Telemedicine in Philippines,
  • Number of hospitals per 1000 Population,

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