Rise of National Broadband and Digitization: Ken Research

Ken Research has recently announced its latest publication titled “National Broadband Plans in Asia-Pacific: Focus on Bridging the Digital Divide to Spur Economic Growth” which aims at provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Telecom industry. It describes Telecom industry’s growth prospects by segment and category and outlines a comprehensive overview of the global and local demographics. It further provides the detailed competitive setting, distribution channels and regulatory policies in the Broadband Policy.

Asia Pacific Broadband Market Research

Development in the Asia-Pacific region has been very unhinged, and there is great variation in connectivity across the region. In these countries, more government and policy support was required to accelerate infrastructure growth and increase external connectivity. Governments are taking lead on infrastructure development, to build alliances incorporating diverse government departments and private industry, and to extend broadband-friendly industrial policy. Governments are also looking to improve infrastructure synergy and find ways to abridge the process of obtaining rights of way. They are in need of new buildings and overhaul projects to include fiber connections, produce explicit standards for compensation for eminent domain, and start universal service funds.

The market in the broadband industry is on the verge of a sharp growth and also broadening its horizons. Various factors such as setting the minimum seed of the internet and making everything wire are few steps from the side of the govt. Governments and operators are actively investing in the broadband infrastructure to attain goals laid under the national broadband plans. Government are extending support in the form of funds as well as introducing regulatory measures and offering spectrum.

The key players in the spice and seasoning industry are China Telecom, Telekom Malaysia, PT Palapa Ring Barat, the Pandawa Lima, OpenNet consortium, StarHub, Telstra, Optus, BSNL, PGCIL, Railtel, China Unicom, Northpower Limited, Waikato Networks Limited, WEL Networks, Waipa Networks, Enable Services Limited, Christchurch City Holdings, Chorus Limited, Chunghwa Telecom, Far EasTone, CAT, TOT.

Therefore the telecom industry is set to grow in the Asia Pacific region but there are certain measures that need to take care of such as digitization of the procedures, making most of the things online and setting up of optic fibre is the main solution and need of the hour as well.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Asia Pacific Broadband Subscribers

Asia Internet Users

Asia Internet Adoption Rate

Asia Pacific National Broadband Plans

Global Broadband Sector Future Outlook

Information and Communication Technologies Sector

Asia Pacific Optic Fiber Market

National Broadband and Digitization

Asia Pacific Broadband Market Size

Asia Pacific Broadband Market Research

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