US LED Lighting Market Revenue Is Expected To Grow at a Rapid Pace Owing to the Rising Number of Players Entering the LED Lighting Industry: Ken Research

Lighting market was traditionally dominated by fluorescent tube lights (FTLs) and incandescent bulbs (ICLs) until a decade ago. The prime reasons attributed to their dominance were easy availability, cheaper products relative to other lighting products and easy installation. However, these lighting sources were highly inefficient in terms of energy consumption. FTLs and ICLs use close to 20% of energy whereas the remaining energy is converted into heat.

Led Lighting in the US

With the advancements in technology, superior sources of lighting such as LEDs came into the market. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are solid state semiconductor devices without mercury content being present in them. The manufacturing of LED lights is quite complex and requires raw materials such as LED chips, heat sink and thermal interface material.

The global market for LED lighting has showcased a robust performance backed by bans on incandescent lights that has led to the gradual entry of LED products in the residential lighting markets and other sectors. Improved LED luminous efficacy and lowered LED product prices contributed to higher consumer acceptance levels and rising penetration rates. Japan is considered as the largest market for LED lighting across global market, followed by Europe and North America. China LED lighting market has posted phenomenal growth and is growing at the fastest growth rate due to concentration of manufacturers producing Lighting and LED products.

Manufacturers of LED lights have indicated that the growth in LEDs market revenues is directly dependent on the economic growth of the country. The rising awareness for global warming made people switch to LED lights from the traditional use of fluorescent bulbs which emit heat and CFCs thereby impacting the environment. This augmented the growth of LED lighting market in the country.

The traditional use of incandescent bulbs is being replaced by LED reflectors to a great extent, making this segment generate the maximum revenue among all types of LED lamps available in the US. The overall lighting market of the US, which was traditionally driven by the use of fluorescent tube lights, witnessed a change with LED tubes making a positive impact in the market

The increasing use of LED downlights for both residential and commercial purposes has made this segment dominate the LED luminaires market. Considered to be more stylish and modern as per the latest technology, LED downlights are primarily used as ceiling lights.

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