Bosch, Hikvision, and Siemens Dominated the Market Share in Intruder Alarms Market in Qatar

Electronic security in Qatar was still in its infancy during 2011-2013. Majority of the demand was mainly driven by oil and gas industry which dominates the Qatar economy. CCTV and fire alarm systems were the two major segments that dominated the market for electronic surveillance in the country. Analog type CCTV cameras were the key products in use in electronic surveillance security.

Access control systems, mostly electronically operated systems are used to protect crucial national resources such as power stations and oil facilities against un-authorized or undesired user access. Honeywell for access control was among the major player operating in Qatar access control market in 2016. Access control system had gained increased demand from rising office space demand and continuously evolving hospitality industry. Hospitality industry was the major user of card based access control in Qatar.

Biometric access control devices are manufactured by all major electronic security device manufacturers such as Honeywell, Bosch and others. Majority of the equipments are imported in the country from manufacturing locations in other countries.

IP based CCTV camera dominate the market because of image quality and recording parameters far exceed the global norms in developed countries. Easy manoeuvrability advancement in technology and use of different type of cameras in different conditions led to development of IP type camera in the country.

Infrared beam sensors which were generally used for perimeter safety had the majority of the market in 2016 accounting for nearly half of the market as per estimates. Banks, museums, consulates and other areas which otherwise is restricted to general public generated the demand for intruder alarms in Qatar

It is expected that project related surveillance investment in Qatar will lead the market. This increased investment will lead to significant expansion and growth in businesses that are directly and indirectly involved in the security and surveillance market in Qatar.

The demand for smart cameras and their impact on data generation is forcing storage manufacturers towards a greater adherence to quality and more importantly, longevity, increasing new investment and encouraging upgrades from older analogue-based solutions. This is expected to lead to complete sweep by IP cameras

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