Bosch Security Systems, Optex, Castlebank Security Solutions were Some Global Intrusion Alarm Manufacturers Selling Their Product in Turkey Market

Use of system integrating services is considerably high in the non-residential sector of electronic security market in Turkey. This is not the case in the residential sector of the country. Majority of the customers from the residential sector purchase products only when the need arises or compliance to regulatory norms is desired. They purchase different products from different vendors and are generally very price conscious. In non-residential sector which include large government projects, commercial and buildings, hospitals, hotels and retail malls and community centers require all sorts of electronic security products ranging from CCTV cameras to electronic access control and VMS.

The service consultants for electronic security products provide consulting on sourcing and installation of surveillance systems, access control systems, fire alarm/fire fighting systems, intruder alarm systems, and other security products. The role of security consultant initiates with assessing the security needs of client and presenting the findings (based upon the needs) to the client. The service consultant during this process ensures to maintain quality and service benchmark that has been promised. The service consultants in the next stage formulate a security plan, once the client analyzes the findings submitted by consultant.

In 2016, Panasonic Fire Sensing Systems was introduced in Turkish market. It brings together all required security and safety with professional solutions. Its design is built to alarm in right time and in addition it gives a pre-report about situations that could cause a fire. The system uses advanced Panasonic technologies in detector and control board, Panasonic Fire Sensing Systems ensures decrease of number of nuisance alarm, in addition to high level of reliability. Such products created premium market segment in fire alarm market as they have all necessary features to offer peace of mind to the customer.

Intrusion security products provide security for homes and businesses ranging from burglar alarms to a range of security systems, including alarm control panels, keypads, sensors and central station receiving equipment used in security monitoring centers.

Motion sensors are primarily used at places where access of general public is restricted. It may be for a certain period of day or totally restricted area. Perimeter safety and security was the key reason for use of motion sensors. Museums, laboratories and residential houses were the key sectors consuming motion sensors in Turkey.

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