US LED Light Market Segmentation by Type of LEDs (Lamps/Luminaires) on the Basis of Revenue in USD Million, 2014-2016 – Ken Research

Which Led Type Is Generating Maximum Revenue For The Us Led Lighting Market?

Lower initial cost and ease of installation of LED lamps have made LED lamps dominate the market contributing ~% of the revenue to the total revenues of US LED lighting market in 2016. LED lamps were traditionally used by residential sector, whereas lower cost of installation was one of the major factors behind its usage in commercial sector in the present scenario. Considered as short term lighting solutions, LED lamps are still the most familiar LED lights known to people due to their early acceptance than other LED technologies. limitation of variety and ultra modern designs in LED lamps makes this segment witness a decrease in market share overtime.LED luminaires have been successful in driving the overall LED lighting market of the US by increasing their revenue share from ~% in 2014 to ~% in 2016. The designs offered in LED luminaires including troffers and downlights to be fixed in ceilings, add to the reasons for the increased sales of luminaires overtime. Despite being expensive then LED lamps, the modern concept of LED luminaires became popular with the modern techniques and the increased demand of the customers for new products in the LED market. The wider acceptability of LED luminaires for outdoor lighting solutions has made this segment increase its share in the recent past.

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Which Types Of Lamps And Luminaires Dominated The Us Led Lighting Market?

The traditional use of incandescent bulbs is being replaced by LED reflectors to a great extent, making this segment generate the maximum revenue among all types of LED lamps available in the US. LED reflectors contributed ~% to the revenues generated by from the sale of LED lamps in the US during 2016. The overall lighting market of the US, which was traditionally driven by the use of fluorescent tube lights, witnessed a change with LED tubes making a positive impact in the market, contributing ~% of the revenue to the total market for LED lamps in 2016.

The increasing use of LED downlights for both residential and commercial purposes has made this segment dominate the LED luminaires market with revenues of USD ~ million during 2016. The latest change of plastic troffers with metal grids to fix the LED lights attracted people towards the new designs of the perfectly fit frames, thereby helping this segment generate revenue of ~% to the total revenue of luminaires in 2016. Other luminaires contributed ~% to the revenue from sales of LED luminaires in 2016.

What Is The Potential Of The Us Led Lighting Market?

Lighting market was traditionally dominated by fluorescent tube lights (FTLs) and incandescent bulbs (ICLs) until a decade ago. The government of the US identified the glitches in the lighting sector and therefore started aggressively promoting energy efficient sources of lighting in the country. This led to the advent of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). With the advancements in technology, superior sources of lighting such as LEDs came into the market. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are solid state semiconductor devices without mercury content being present in them. The manufacturing of LED lights is quite complex and requires raw materials such as LED chips, heat sink and thermal interface material.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices that convert electricity to light. LED lighting is also called solid state lighting because the light is emitted from a solid object, which is a block of semiconductor material rather than from a vacuum or gas tube, as in traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. The market for LED lighting in the US expanded owing to the technological improvements and decreased cost of such lights overtime. Additionally, LED lights market witnessed increased demand overtime as such lights are long lasting, energy efficient, environment friendly and durable

Which Is The Most Acceptable Led Light In The Us?

The increased demand for directional LEDs by shopping malls to showcase their products and their use in flood lights, made this segment dominate the LED market with revenue share of ~% in the overall sales of LED lights in the US. The overall lighting market in the US has evolved with the acceptance of A-Type LEDs over standard fluorescent bulbs. A-Type LEDs generated revenues worth USD ~ million in the LED lighting market of the country. Varied sizes from a foot to 8 feet as per the use and the advantage of being considered as the long life lighting source added to their total sales, thus making LED linear fixtures mark revenue of ~% in 2016.  The distinguishing feature of color tunability to match the building architecture made them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial sectors, making this segment contribute ~% of the revenue in 2016. Decorative lamps and luminaires have been significant by their use in commercial and residential sectors of the US over the recent past. Freedom of designs along with saving energy has made this segment more popular over regular CFLs which are not suited for decorative purposes. The low height of ceilings in parking garages demanded LEDs with control systems to emit lights in large area.         LEDs used in parking garages contributed ~% to the revenues of LED lights market in the US. LEDs used in luminaires installed on roads solve the issue of visibility for drivers and also illuminate outdoor pedestrian walkways.

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