Increasing Awareness about Environmental Issues and Shift in Manufacturing Base to Cost Advantageous Locations to Drive LED Market in US: Ken Research

  • In long term, the LED lighting market will witness the launch of innovative products which will lead to an increase in demand by the population
  • The increase in import quantities of LED lights by the US from China and other technologically advanced economies of the world will create more distributors in the country
  • Fluorescent lighting manufacturers will shift their production to LED lights with the ongoing expansion in the market for energy saving lights in the country

The increasing awareness towards environmental issues caused by the radiations and heat emitted by traditional lighting technologies will make more people shift to LED lights from fluorescent lights, thereby expanding the overall LED lighting market of the US. The increasing use of LED lights during the outlook period will be the major reason responsible behind the growing efficacy of LED lamps to almost 253 lumens per watt and 258 lumens per watt for warm white and cool white LEDs respectively. The LEDs produced today are over twice as efficient as some produced only five years ago. This trend will continue and LED efficacy will go up as production costs go down. This rapidly developing field not only brings new technology to consumers but also brings new producers to the technology.

U.S. manufacturers have been moving operations overseas for decades to capture lower production costs and secure necessary materials. Long-term manufacturing trends are unclear given major efforts in China and other Asian countries to increase production. Increased efficiencies, improved light output, and lower production costs will help to pave the road for the commercial success of all LEDs. This success will in turn relieve stress from burdened electrical infrastructure and enable renewable energy resources to more easily fit into the daily lives by reducing the overall demand.

Ken Research in its study, “US Led Lighting Market Outlook to 2021 – Demand for Energy Efficient Lighting and Government Initiative to Lighten the Future” suggested that the increasing use of LED lights for outdoor purposes, typically for street and roadway lighting will augment the demand for these lighting technologies in the future, owing to the expanding road network of the country. However, the use of LED technology for outdoor lighting is rising, but at present it faces barriers common to many ascending technologies: insufficient awareness of its advantages, reluctance to make the initial investment required, and a lack of clear performance standards.

According to Research Analyst, LED light manufacturers and sellers in the US should focus on creating marketing campaigns such as advertisements, distributing free samples, organizing camps that can spread awareness among the untapped population of the country about the benefits of using LED lights over traditional lighting sources. LED manufacturing companies can seek the support of the Government wherein it will be easy for them to get the database of the population using LED lights and the demand for energy saving sources of electricity. This database will provide them the areas and sectors where the company has to focus to gain market leadership. Additionally, advertisements and programs on different marketing media will help the companies in expanding their customer base.

The report provided information on LED Directional, LED A-Type, LED Linear Fixtures

Building Exterior, LED Decorative, LED Parking Garage, Area/Roadway LED, LED Small Directional, Parking Lot LED, LED Low/High Bay segments covering companies including Cree, Philips, GE, Osram Sylvania, Lighting Science Group Corporation, Acuity Brands, TCP International Holdings

Topics Covered in The Report

  • Outdoor Area Lights Market US
  • LED Tubes Sales in US
  • Technology LED Lighting US
  • Market New Products LED Lights
  • LED Lighting Manufacturers
  • LED Lighting in the US
  • Philips Revenue LED Lights
  • Osram Market Share LED
  • Lighting Fixtures and Luminaries Market Trends
  • Smart Lighting Market and Technology Trends
  • Cree LED Lights Sales in United States
  • LED Parking Garage Manufacturers in US
  • Lighting Science Group Corporation Competition LED

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