Prime Geographical Locations between Trading Continents and Sustained Investment in Infrastructure to Drive Growth in Qatar Logistics Industry: Ken Research

  • Growth of Logistics & warehousing market is expected to be driven by expanding industrial activities, rising FMCG sector, manufacturing sector and increasing number of logistics & warehousing companies in the country.
  • Freight forwarding has dominated the market in the country over the years in terms of revenues.
  • The leading players in Qatar logistics & warehousing industry are GWC, GAC, Bin Yousef, DHL, Qatar Logistics, Tokyo Freight, Milaha Maritime and Logistics and Others

Ken Research announced its latest publication on Qatar Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2021 – Expanding Trade Volume Supported by Infrastructure Spending to Support Growthprovides a comprehensive analysis of logistics & warehousing industry in Qatar. The report covers various aspects such as overall size of Qatar logistics & warehousing market and Freight forwarding, warehousing, 3PL and air and ground express logistics segments. The report also covers value chain analysis for logistics & warehousing market, comparative analysis of Qatar logistics market with GCC and global logistics market. The report also covers the competitive landscape of the industry along with detailed profile of leading and emerging players operating in the market.

The economy of Qatar is largely dependent on Hydrocarbons and related sectors. Qatar has been the largest supplier of Natural Gas since past 3 years. The export of oil and gas to other countries has witnessed a robust growth over the past few years. This is the major reason for the expansion of overall logistic & warehousing industry in terms of revenues during 2016. The huge investment by the government on the infrastructure in the country owing to the preparations of FIFA 2022 has provided an impetus to the engineering equipment industry in the country. The transportation and storage of the products from consumer retail industry has led to the increase in demand for logistic and warehousing services in the country.

Freight Forwarding has been the leading segment of the overall logistics and warehousing market over the past few years. The years 2015 and 2016 showcased low growth pace as compared to other years due to a fall in oil and gas projects even when the country remained the largest supplier of natural gas. Major projects were signed with major players such as GWC and GAC as long term contracts.

During the period 2016-2021, the freight forwarding segment will increase at a CAGR of 18.1% while warehousing segment would register a CAGR of 27.5% during the same period.

Globalization of supply chains, the growth of e-commerce and technological innovations has changed the structure of the logistics market. Currently, there are around 400 freight forwarding companies in Qatar. To remain competitive in the evolving market, logistics providers are exploring new innovations and technologies to streamline their operations. GWC, Aramex, GAC, DHL, Bin Yousef, Qatar Logistics, Tokyo Freight Services and Milaha Maritime and Logistics are some of the major players operating in the freight forwarding segment.

“Expanding industrial activities in the country has triggered the demand for logistics and warehousing services. The dominating companies in the industry should focus on expanding the distribution network to cater the untapped pin codes in the country. The companies should also upgrade its technology to modern digital technology which will increase the cargo handling capacity of warehouses. The companies should also focus on offering multiple value added services to the customers, as value added services is an important parameter for the clients to choose their logistics partners in the country” according to the Research Analyst, Ken Research.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Logistics Infrastructure in Qatar Logistics Market
  • Value Chain Analysis for Qatar Logistics Market
  • Qatar logistics & Warehousing market size
  • Qatar logistics & Warehousing industry Segmentation (By service mix and By industry)
  • Qatar Freight Forwarding Market Size
  • Qatar Freight Forwarding Market Segmentation (By freight movement, By international & Domestic freight forwarding, major sea flow corridors, By Express or Normal)
  • Competitive landscape for Qatar freight forwarding Market
  • Qatar Warehousing Market Size
  • Qatar Warehousing Market Segmentation (By business model)
  • Competitive landscape for Qatar Warehousing Market
  • Qatar 3PL Market Size
  • Competitive landscape for Qatar 3PL Market
  • Qatar Express logistics Market Size
  • Competitive landscape for Qatar Express logistics Market
  • Qatar Express logistics Market future outlook
  • Qatar logistics & Warehousing market Future Outlook and Projections
  • Analyst Recommendation
  • Macro Economic Variables Impacting Qatar logistics & Warehousing market
  • Doha Express Logistics Market
  • Qatar Freight Forwarding Market
  • Qatar Cold Storage Market
  • Qatar Value Added Services Logistics Industry
  • Competition Logistics Qatar
  • Trends Logistics Sector
  • Air Express Market Qatar
  • International Freight Forwarding Market Qatar
  • Logistics Facilities Qatar
  • Challenges Logistics Market
  • Ocean Freight Forwarding Market Qatar
  • Middle East Logistics Industry
  • Logistics Infrastructure Development Qatar
  • Logistics Spend Qatar
  • Transport Logistics Market Qatar
  • Doha Port Logistics Center
  • Business Future Logistics
  • Maritime Transport Qatar
  • Logistics Sector Investment Qatar
  • Warehousing Rental in Qatar

Key Services Mentioned in the Report

  • Logistics services
  • Freight forwarding services
  • International freight forwarding
  • Domestic Freight Forwarding
  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Land Transportation
  • Warehousing services
  • Cold Storage
  • 3PL services
  • Express logistics services
  • Air Express
  • Ground Express

Companies Covered in the Report



Bin Yousef


Qatar Logistics

TNT Express


Fed Ex


Tokyo Freight Services

Milaha Maritime and Logistics

For more information about the publication, refer to below link:

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