Lifestyle to Boost Global Kitchen Appliances Market : Ken Research

Ken Research announced its recent report on “Major Kitchen Appliances” which offers comprehensive insight and analysis of the UK market, the major players, the main trends, and consumer attitudes. It also provides forecasts to 2021. It provides in-depth analysis of the following:

  • The key issues
  • Market, retailer and consumer headlines
  • Market sizes and predictions for growth
  • In-depth profiles of the key retailers
  • Where people shop
  • Why people shop
  • Average spend at a product category level
  • Channel usage research and payment

Basically, it helps to identify the major brands and manufacturers in the major kitchen appliances market and utilize in-depth analysis of how and why each retailer is performing as it is in the market to allow for benchmarking a strategic advantage and also recognize which consumers to target and how to drive spend from them by utilizing our shopper penetration data and understanding what influences their retailer selection and spending motivations.

It helps to further understand how the online channel , can be better utilized to sell major kitchen appliances by using online penetration and expenditure forecasts and analysis on channels and online fulfillment, continue to threaten more mature multichannel retailers, utilize lower supply chain costs to provide highly competitive prices and investing in attractive fulfillment capabilities to entice shoppers away rivals.

Economic Outlook

  • The Major Kitchen Appliances market will feel the impact of Brexit induced consumer reluctance to spend on big ticket items, resulting in a period of sales decline. Price inflation will kick in as hedging runs out and supply chain costs increase on the back of currency fluctuations.
  • Retailers should focus on using mock kitchen setups instore to give consumers a clearer picture of how appliances would look at home in order to gain profits in the impacted scenario.
  • While the full impact of Brexit remains to be seen, economic uncertainty will reduce the propensity for people to purchase, therefore to stimulate spend during a period of low demand, retailers must invest strategically in price reductions and promotions.
  • As the economy begins to recover from 2019, those people who were unable to make big-ticket purchases will need to replace existing appliances, releasing pent up demand and supporting stronger volume growth.
  • The growth of the kitchen appliances market is supplemented by rising disposable incomes, changing lifestyles, increasing health concerns and the growing food and services industry. The kitchen appliances market primarily includes refrigerators, cooking appliances, dishwashers and others.

The other category includes coffee maker, grinders, kettles and the refrigerator market contributes for a larger market share in the global kitchen appliances market.

Topics Covered in the Report

  • Kitchenware products market research
  • Kitchen appliances market revenue
  • Global Retail industry research
  • Kitchen appliances online retail
  • Kitchen appliances market supply chain
  • Kitchen appliances average spending
  • Global kitchen appliances market analysis,
  • Global kitchen appliances market share
  • Global kitchen appliances market growth
  • Global kitchen appliances market trend
  • Global kitchen appliances market report
  • Global retail Industry Research report
  • Global kitchen appliances market research
  • Kitchen appliances market forecast

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Ken Research
Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications


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