Launch of off-price department store formats will elevate the demand in Americas: Ken Research

Ken research announced recent publication titled Department Stores Retailing in the Americas, 2015-2020”, which offers insights on the America’s department stores retail landscape including current market sizes, the America’s fastest growing markets and category groups. Furthermore, in-depth analysis of the market size and category forecasts for the specific regions and countries, and also features major retailers, key innovative retailers, and department store retail trends. The publication covers nine largest retail markets in the Americas and the shrewd analysis of the latest trends, market dynamics covering 10 category groups and key innovations in retail space in major countries across the region. Individual concentrating on the competitive landscape or on the latest trends can drive all such information from this publication.

Approximately two-thirds of the US gross domestic product (GDP) thrives from retail consumption. Therefore, store closings and openings are featured as an indicator of how well the US economy is doing as a whole.  In 2016, a key number of store closings and bankruptcies are an indication of both swifting consumer preferences, and an unsteady economy. Total annual US retail sales have increased an average of 4.5% between 1993 and 2015, according to the US Census Bureau.

The Largest US Retail Industry Companies:

The US is the undisputed leader of the retail industry when measured solely by the revenue numbers. Walmart is not only the largest global retailer but is also the largest company of any kind across the globe. Largest retailing companies across the globe are based in the US.  That’s compared to 81 US chains whose revenues are large enough. Some of the globe’s largest US based retail chains operate domestically, but a growing number of the large US retail chains are establishing international retail presence as well.

In 2015 Retail spending was up but comparative slow from previous year, with the rate of online buying far outpacing buying at physical stores. The analysis of online and in-store payments made by the customer is held by approaching million merchants. An online sale growth was up amidst spending at physical stores was low. At the mid-season point, e-commerce expanded of retail spending.

The US rules the market globally, accounting for more than 3/4th share of the regional department stores in 2015. However, it will virtually remain stagnant in terms of growth and this is affected by shifting consumer preference to other channels and rising demand for discounted and value clothing. Brazil will become the second-largest market by replacing Canada. Other Latin American markets, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, will grow at a better pace, resulting in a value addition.

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