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Australia higher education market grew at a rate of 19.0% in 2013. This owed to incline in both domestic and international enrollments. FEE-HELP, which is a financial assistance programme for domestic students in Australia, had a substantial effect on tertiary enrollment.

Effective growth of the population under this age bracket is deemed to boost the enrollment of students in all the various sectors of education in the near future and in turn lead to the growth of the Australia education market.

The Australian government has played a significant role in improving the K-12 education sector in Australia. The government has ensured to deliver high quality school education to all the students in Australia which has attracted various students abroad as well..

Australia education industry has played a key role in overall economic development of the country in the form of revenues earned and also contributed in terms of research and development. Australia Tutoring has played a key role in the overall growth of Australia education sector.

The VET Education Market has underperformed than expected in last few years due to lesser enrollments. The government plans to support it through funding and has committed around USD 5 billion to expand the Vocational Education and Training market in Australia.

Digital technology in Australia grew at a very rapid pace during the period 2011-2014. Rapid growth in ICT spending is backed by healthy growth in the number of workers. Total number of workers was estimated to be 600,000 during the year 2014. It can be observed by looking at the distribution of workers across industries that workers are concentrated in the ICT related industry with about 50% of workers working in ICT related areas.

ICT inclusion in the curriculum has become a necessity due to the various advantages of ICT. Numerous schools have included ICT at various stages of education to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience which includes numerous components like digital assessment, smart learning etc

Australia attracts international students in huge number from all over the world but still students face various issues related to visa. Education has been the fourth largest export sector in Australia. Students, especially from Asian countries face various visa related problems. To further improve the international enrollments, the government should focus on granting visa with minimum bottlenecks.

Given the intense competition among the various test preparation centers it is very important to facilitate students with something unique. The coaching centers achieve this by providing differentiated services such as mock tests, review services, online learning material and other such services. To intensify the quality of education, institutes also facilitate students with free online access to the resources, availability of digital guides who conduct regular doubt sessions.

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The market recorded a steady growth in revenue in primary education, while the enrollment of students witnessed a modest growth during the period 2010-2015. Growth of online education and open learning courses is also expected to drive the future market of higher education in the country.

The E-Learning market in Australia has expanded significantly over the years. Australia was one of those countries which adopted the E-Learning phenomena at an early stage. The definition of E-Learning has changed over the years as it does not just include sharing of study materials through internet; the main aim is to make the learning experience more interactive and informed through audio and video presentations.

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